I loved this article. I wrote a followup piece examining these two narratives from the context of India and other large smallholding farmer countries.https://agribusinessmatters.substack.com/p/is-agriculture-a-business?utm_source=url

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Another great article Janette! As a member of a company that recently started getting into tradeshows and social media, these are important points to consider as we move forward. Thanks!

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Thanks Janette for yet another great issue of one of my favorite newsletters!

I agree with the general premise of what you are saying. I do however think that education can be a valuable marketing mechanism, but probably not in the way it is applied in the ag industry. The problem is however that there are deliberate and also very effective campaigns to misinform consumers about food. Information proving the contrary is necessary, but not to tell consumers how stupid they are, but rather to entice them to buy good quality food and stating the facts with the focus on consumer preferences.

The same thing is also happing with agtech where farmers are being "educated" to try and improve adoption. The thinking is that farmers are a bit backwards and need to be educated to do business in the 21ste century.

On both sides, we get it wrong. Give them what they want and prove claims with fact and value

based selling/marketing.

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