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Fantastic write-up Janette!

I use what I call the 10% Rule.

It's a framework based on an investment of time and dollars and intended to to keep myself accountable

Some take experience as it comes at them, some take opportunities if they are convenient & some show effort for short bursts of time.

None of these are a recipe for prolonged personal or professional growth.

Just like our muscles need to be consistently pushed and worked out to be healthy; our minds need to be consistently stretched to grow.

The framework I use to help accelerate my own learning breaks out like this:

3% of annual income + 7% of my time devoted to learning, networking and getting outside my comfort zone = 10%.


Someone with $75,000/year salary would invest $2,250 in themselves through books, e-mail subscriptions, courses etc. ($75,000 * 3% = $2,250)

168 hours/week x 7% = 12 hours/week.

This equates to 12 hours/week devoted to reading, consuming subscription emails, taking courses etc that the 3% expenditure bought to ensure a consistent focus on developing.

This framework ensures consistent investment in oneself.

Understandably, not everyone can afford that sort of financial investment or time commitment, but I highly encourage you to adapt it to what works for you.

For example, try a 4% rule: 1% of income and 3% of time.

The point is consistency & holding oneself accountable for it weekly or monthly.

Only real option as knowledge driven professionals is a constant commitment to self improvement. With that I always have this quote in the back of my mind:

"We are only limited by what we’re not willing to take the time to learn."

Thanks again for all you do Janette!

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I love this framework *so* much. Yes to all this!!

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