Sitemap - 2020 - Prime Future

As the sun sets on 2020...

The perfect end to a year? Life Retreat.

Telus Agriculture marks Animal AgTech 2.0

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Venture Investing in Animal Health

When does Amazon jump in?

the story behind Walmart & 44 Farms, an unlikely partnership

Can gut bacteria save livestock & poultry? Yes & here's why.

Look around - what food companies are telling us

10 ideas for the pork business🚀

Turn up the volume on livestock market signals

Hey, let's buy some steak to cook in 2022

Bailouts are band-aids.

The 2 most soul crushing words an innovator can hear 😳

The 20 year overnight success story of Newman Farm: business model innovation in pork

Animal Ag is great at producing livestock. Unicorns? Not so much...

Meat eaters don't care about livestock genetics, could they?

The market lanes are blurring.

What 4 happenings downstream tell us about the future of upstream.

The Impossible Foods play the meat industry should run.

Leaving competitors in the dust, Perdue Farms stakes its claim on D2C.

Tyson's Moonshot Part 2: Three ways the largest meat company could morph into a tech company.

Tyson's Moonshot: what the new CEO's resume really tells us about the future of Tyson Foods

Acquisitions 2.0 in animal agriculture

Prime Future 014: Five ways land grants can set the pace in a post-COVID agriculture industry

Three structural changes + three big plays in animal protein

What Lewis & Clark teach us about expeditions & startups

King George vs Hamilton - what's your energy?

My "Why"

Tired of being a price taker? Build a Moat.

The silver lining: how COVID could spark a fire in animal ag

Empathy starts with clean water.

There's a meat vacuum in AgTech

It's Zoetis' (digital) world, we're just living in it

Livestock Market Transparency is Possible. Here’s how.

Capturing the D2C Market: Farmers vs Packers

Can robots save the meat industry?

The real reason packers should go all in on D2C

A D2C Revolution Is On Its Way