Sitemap - 2022 - Prime Future

A learning list

Why haven’t other proteins been Eggland’s Best-ed?

Merry ChatGPT Christmas

Feature, not a bug

The overlap between FTX and funny business in cattle feeding

more Ridiculous Generosity

I quit.

the✨magic✨in solving invisible problems

Plant-based meat? We'll see.

baling wire fix or a hack for muggles?

Not all heroes wear capes.

From the (business) graveyard 💀

Game over, polyester.

"the rain follows the plow"

The other AI.

Walmart: 800 pound gorillas make really weird dance partners

"Nobody wants to work anymore"

Building the (sales) machine as you fly

Meatpacking isn't rocket science.

The boogeyman of first mover advantage

Growth: DNA trait or decision point?

Is that premium for actual quality, or just peace of mind?

Rising from the averages: a cattle story

Without vision, the people perish.

9 blocks, limitless combinations

Lunatic farmers, velocity, & the 1% rule 🚀

What does a water win look like?

The unsolved problem? Water

Oil based insights from ga$ price$

I don't wanna feed the world anymore.

What if Cargill, Tyson & Pilgrims were venture-backed companies?

The boring key that unlocks super powers? Distribution 🗝

For the 100th time 😁

Learnings from a rotisserie fueled flywheel

maybe Market Conditions are the real innovation arbiters

Game recognize game, scale recognize scale.

NFTs have entered the chat.

Is lamb the Cinderella of the meat case?

Animal protein started it, will plant-based end it?

Un-manured money in animal agtech

RIP plant-based meat mania

Red meat & venture capital don’t go together…do they?

The outset of a new era for meat packers & food retailers?

How could pastured poultry scale?

The infinite game plays on.

Precision livestock management, so what?

Let’s not kid ourselves - 2 narratives that need to go.

Minimum viable management isn't enough.

Everything is the enemy of something.

Just a heart transplant, or a catalyst?

Tacos-as-a-service? Curious. 🌮