Sitemap - 2021 - Prime Future

3 macro-meat dynamics to watch in 2022

Can farmer facing agtech startups IPO?

Blockchain: all dressed up but where to go? 😕

The gate's closing on 2021

Ridiculous Generosity

Meat the metaverse.

Nobody knows how the future of work will work.

Vertical Integration 2.0

Never let a (supply chain) crisis go to waste

Sea cowboys & flying sheep

Love Me Tenders: a supply chain story

Why I'm wary of too much certainty 🙅🏻‍♀️

Lunatic farmers & velocity 🚀

Bet on the collaborative-ists

When does beef x dairy show up at the meat case?

If dairy is the new beef, where do the alts fit?

💡3 reasons why dairy is the new beef

If dairy is the new beef, what are the dairy drivers?

If dairy is the new beef, are cow-calf producers necessary?

Tech can't make it rain.

Egos & incentives

Tighten the packer feedback loop

Will CRISPR find its legs in livestock?

Cattle collision: where the digital revolution meets the genetic revolution

The packers get Standard Oil'd. Then what?

A right time for everything: the builder's version

Two masters: customer or competitor focused?

Cyber security risk just got real

The defensive get disrupted.

Where's the Honeycrisp of the meat case?

SPACs: a linchpin for AgTech?

Climate + agriculture: what gets measured gets monetized

Climate + agriculture: noise, or mega trend?

Nothing new under the sun ☀️

Waves of change

How cattle feeders are making innovation real

What must be true for grass fed beef to scale?

How to Decide

The food & ag labor problem, fixable?

Doomed from the start: how bias distorts

What if GroceryTech is the key to the future of meat?

Fintech + livestock: where's the opportunity?

Can grass fed beef scale in the USA? ButcherBox CEO & founder, Mike Salguero, paints a vision for it.

The Meat Cartel's Moat